MSME/SSI Registration

The Micro, tiny and Medium Enterprises area unit was thought about as a really vital piece of India’s inheritance economic model and an  area of the vital provide chain for merchendise and services.This sector is that the job creator also as play a vital role in providing large-scale employment and industry in rural and backward areas. In 2015-2016, in step with the National Sample Survey (NSS) 73rd spherical, there have been around 633.8 100000 unorganized non-agriculture enterprises within the country those area units dealing in several economic activities providing employment to 11.10 large integer staff. Though obtaining MSME online registration isn’t obligatory however it’s continuously recommended to tiny and medium enterprises to induce it done it provides a spread of advantages. Advantages like rate of interest charged would be terribly less, tax subsidies, capital investment subsidies and far different support from the govt. sector. Bandhu e-Services will facilitate your business acquire MSME Registration online to avail a bunch of advantages. MSME online registration or SSI online registration are often done through binodini e-services in metropolis Berhampur and bhubaneswar.


What Is MSME Or SSI?

In India, MSME was introduced in the year 2006. Actually, there are still some service sectors that wasn’t enclosed, but during this sector was enclosed within the definition of small, tiny, and medium-sized enterprises, creating a historic change to this Act. Hence, leveraging the scope of the sector even now the government simplified the MSME Registration online with the paperless work.

  • The benefits of MSME registration include priority sector lending, power tariff subsidies, capital investment subsidies and excise and direct tax exemptions. Following are the conditions which need to be fulfilled to qualify under MSME Act.
  • All the producing enterprises that have endowed but ten crores in machinery and plant are allowed to be registered as MSME
  • In service enterprises, the investment in plant and machinery should not be more than 5 crores.

And in near future, if your enterprise exceeds the maximum limit, then it will not sum up as MSME.

What Are The Different Types Of MSMEs?

Type 1

Micro Enterprises small-enterprises are the littlest entities, of course. The investment below small producing enterprises ought to be no more than Rs. 25 lakhs in plant and machinery, whereas the small service enterprises shouldn't exceed Rs. 10 lakhs in investment.

Type 2

Micro Enterprises small-enterprises are the littlest entities, of course. The investment below small producing enterprises ought to be no more than Rs. 25 lakhs in plant and machinery, whereas the small service enterprises shouldn't exceed Rs. 10 lakhs in investment.

Type 3

Micro Enterprises small-enterprises are the littlest entities, of course. The investment below small producing enterprises ought to be no more than Rs. 25 lakhs in plant and machinery, whereas the small service enterprises shouldn't exceed Rs. 10 lakhs in investment.

Benefits Of MSME / SSI Registration

There are multiple advantages of MSME / SSI registration for little businesses:
Cheaper bank loans : The rate of interest on loan offered to MSMEs is 1-1.5% lower compared to typical business loan interest.
Easy access to credit : PM Modi has introduced the Mudhra Loan scheme, which provides loans to MSME / SSI without collaterals.
Quicker approval from state and central government bodies Businesses registered underneath MSME is given higher preference in terms of presidency licence and certification.
Tax rebates: MSME/SSI registered businesses fancy multiple financial gain taxes and capital gains tax rebates from the govt.

Cheaper infrastructure : Charges are lower for MSME registered company for facilities such as electricity and VAT exemptions. In fact, other business services such as patents are also cheaper for MSMEs.

Access to tenders: There are multiple government tenders that are open solely to MSMEs to push little business participation within India.

What Is Udyam Registration?

The main question that many tiro entrepreneurs have in their minds is what Udyam Registration is. If you’re having constant questions, then you’re at the proper place.

Udyam Registration additionally referred to as MSME Registration, is nothing but a government registration that’s provided in conjunction with a recognition certificate and a singular variety. This can be to certify small/medium businesses or enterprises.

The central motive behind the launch of this facility was to supply the govt to produce the most advantages for medium or small-scale businesses or industries in India, who are registered via MSME through their Aadhar Card variety.

The owner, director, or man of affairs of the entity can offer his/her 12-digit Aadhar number. This is often a required guideline whether or not the enterprise or entity is a sole man of affairs, an LLP, a non-public company, or anything. It ought to have the “popularity certificate” provided via the MSME registration method.

Who Can Get Udyam Registration?

Let’s get some things clear! The organizations that is eligible for Udyam Registration square measure meant to be either in the producing or manufacturing, processing, or preservation of products or in providing services. In alternative words, traders who purchase, sell, import, or export the products aren’t even eligible to apply for Udyam Registration.

But you must recognize that there are a collection of criteria that an entity has got to meet to be classified as a medium, small, or micro-enterprise for getting the MSME registration.

As per the current notification,

Document Requirement For Udyam Registration?

  • MSME registration method is absolutely on-line, paperless, and supported self-declaration.
  • There is no demand for documents or proof of registering an associated MSME.
  • Only the Adhaar Number will be enough for registration.
  • PAN & GST linked details on investment and turnover of enterprises will be taken automatically from Government databases.
  • Having PAN & GST number is mandatory from 01.04.2021.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An employer identification number positive identification (EIN) can be a nine-digit number assigned by the agency. It’s accustomed determine the tax accounts of employers and bound others who haven’t any workers. The agency uses the amount to spot taxpayers who need to file numerous business tax returns. EINs are utilized by employers, sole proprietors, firms, partnerships, non-profit associations, and trusts, estates of decedents, government agencies, bound people, and different business entities. If you have already got an EIN and also the organization or possession of your business changes, you will have to be compelled to apply for a replacement range.

Registration Procedure

Complete Our MSME Form/SSI Form

You just got to fill our straightforward MSME registration form, which might raise concerning your basic data. In the case of SSI registration, the SSI registration type is crammed. This might be needed whereas filing your application with the department.

Preparation Of Documents

According to the small print provided to us, we are going to draft your documentation consequently.

Filling MSME/SSI Application

We are going to file your application beside the desired documents with the MSME registrar.

Your Work Is Now Completed

Once the SSI/MSME application is approved and your MSME certificate/SSI certificate is issued, we have a tendency to send it to you via email and traveller.

Documents Required MSME Registration


  • 1. Id Proof (Aadhar, Pan, Voter Id)
  • 2. Rent/Lease Agreement/Electricity Bill (If Any)
  • 3. FSMS Declaration Form
  • 4. NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • 5. Partnership Deed/Affidavit Of Proprietorship / Memorandum & Articles Of Association (If Any)
  • 6. Production Unit Photograph
  • 7. Company Seal
  • 8. GST Certificate, IT Return (Or) Balance Sheet

Any Query


Although there’s no compulsion to induce MSME registration, however is often suggested to try to do so because it provides millions of advantages to the enterprises registered below MSME Act. It’ll prevent from tons of inconveniences shortly. Once you’ve received the conditional MSME Certificate, you’ll begin with your production and even apply for a permanent certificate, which can add additional advantages for you. They invariably apply for conditional registration at the initial stage of the business.

As said above, SSI/MSME registration is completely voluntary. Businessmen and entrepreneurs sometimes get this done to utilize the benefits offered under that. The registration method is kind of straightforward and straightforward. you’ll be able to simply avail it (provided you’ve got a producing plant or an advertisement house wherever you render services), several businesses want it over alternative registrations.

It is preferable to obtain a conditional SSI Registration Certificate (PRC) before starting your business. The PRC can work swimmingly for you and can assist you with specific NOCs and clearances from restrictive bodies.

If your business or enterprise is listed below Schedule –III of the Commercial Licensing Exemption Notification, then you’ll simply apply for PRC while not having an industrial licence. Alternative units should initially acquire an industrial license. All the clearances ought to be obtained by the enterprise, whether or not it’s statutory or body. As an example, a drug licence below the drug management order, if needed. The PRC has issued an issue supporting the application form. No field enquiry is formed.

A PRC is valid for five years, and if the unit is still not operational, you must re-apply for it. As soon as you begin with your operations, you’ll be able to simply apply for the permanent licence.

MSMEs are recognized by all establishments and banks. Special schemes are written to recognize them additionally. Banks like MSMEs rather than traditional enterprises to lend loans. The possibility of obtaining a sanctioned loan is far higher in the case of an MSME. Loan interest rates will also be lower. There may additionally be advantageous treatment just in case of a delay in reimbursement.

Many state governments prefer enterprises that are registered below MSMED Act. State governments can obtain grants such as those for power and taxes. In most states, a sales tax exemption is provided if purchase preferences are given on merchandise created. The enterprise can also relish the excise exemption theme and exemption from sure direct taxes within the initial years of your business.

While computing the worth of plant and machinery, the original price is asked to be taken under consideration as per the MSME notification.

Certain trust like the Credit Guarantee Fund trust have been established by the Ministry of MSME, the Government of India, and SIDBI, in order that there won’t be any breakage in the flow of credit to the MSE sector with none interference from the third party. The theme is based on the idea that the loaner ought to provide importance to project viability and secure the credit facility strictly on the first security of the assets supported.

Cluster based approach to lending is intended to provide a full-service approach to cater to the diverse needs of the MSE sector which may be achieved through extending banking services to recognised MSE clusters.

The banks have, therefore, been advised to treat it as a thrust area and increasingly adopt the same for SME financing. Banks are always asked to take appropriate steps so that the flow of credit is smoothly done to the identified clusters of micro and small entrepreneurs from the Minorities Communities residing in the minority concentrated districts of the country.

The CGTMSE would provide cover for credit facility up to Rs. 100 lakh which have been extended by lending institutions without any collateral security. A nominal annual fee is charged by the CGTMSE to avail of the guarantee cover.

A credit rating is an estimate to work out the potential of an associate enterprise to satisfy all the monetary desires supported by the previous year’s dealings. Even though credit rating isn’t compulsive, it’s within the interest of the MSE borrowers to have their credit rating done because it would facilitate credit evaluation of the loans taken by them from banks.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has written to banks in this regard, informing them that whole and retail traders are now permitted to be registered on the Udyam Registration Portal and get categorised as an MSME.

It typically takes four or 5 days to submit the application. You will receive an email notification along with your number. At times, the method could take over fifteen days to finish.

It typically takes four or 5 days to submit the application. You will receive an email notification along with your number. At times, the method could take over fifteen days to finish.

Applying for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) can be a free service offered by the Internal Revenue Service. Watch out for websites on the net that charge for this free service.

An LLC can want an EIN if it has any workers or if it’ll be needed to file any of the indirect tax forms listed below. Most new single-member LLCs, classified as unnoticed entities, ought to acquire an EIN. AN LLC applies for an EIN by filing type SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number.